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The Strange Mind of Adam Christopher

It has started! "Fallout" Begins!

Every monday I will be posting an apocalypse-themed web series tentatively called "Fallout." As most people know it as an event that occurs after a radioactive event, Fallout can also mean, "The adverse side effects or results of a situation." I will be focusing on this second definition for the theme of the story. The actual series is going to be centered around Alan Turner, a young man who finds himself caught in the worst event to ever happen to the United States.

Feeling Pretty Good

Well, I've had the site up for a few weeks now and I'm quite enjoying it. I haven't done anything on this page since I posted what you see below; instead, I've been doing some major updates to my Pokemon d20 Game, which you are more than free to check out. I have all of the cities completed and I'm about to work on the various forests, lakes, caves and mountains over the course of the weekend. I plan on opening the game for character submissions next Friday (or Black Friday) on the dndonlinegames.com site. The advertisement will be open for about ten days, or enough time for people to have two weekends and a full week to get a character submitted. This also gives me time to cater the world to applications I like. ^_^

Aside from Pokemon, I've been writing a zombie story. I think I might make it a web story and post a chapter every Monday. We'll see.

The Start of Something New

I want to write. I want to put my thoughts into words so others can experience what I visualized in my head on a daily basis. It's time to start doing that.

But I need to start small.

Write or Wrong? is going to be my site--my baby, if you will--and I want to expand upon it more than my other site. I want to post my ideas in a place where others will see it and hopefully comment, perhaps even egging me on in a certain direction or asking to read more of a certain adventure.

I think this will be good for me. I want it to be.

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